Common Water Problems Found In Pennsylvania

Water is the universal solvent. It dissolves a little bit of everything it comes in contact with. Water chemistry is very complex. Therefore water problems and treatment methods will vary from region to region and from well to well depending on the geology, and more specifically what the water has been in contact with before it enters your home or business.

We have distinct water problems in Pennsylvania. Most municipal supplies are extremely hard and many have high levels of chlorine and in some cases no chlorine at all. Some areas also have objectionable taste and odor. If you have a private or community well system, your problems can be more widespread. Most wells have considerable hardness and / or high levels of iron. Some also contain low pH or “Acid Water”, Hydrogen Sulfide, Tannins, Nitrates, Arsenic, Radon, Bacteria and various other contaminants.

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Water problem: Iron

Iron is introduced into water as it passes through iron-bearing rocks. Because iron accounts for 5% of all the earth’s crust, it can be found in just about all of our water supplies. The EPA Secondary Drinking Water limit for iron is only 0.3 parts per million (ppm) but we have wells in our area in excess of 20ppm. Water above 0.3 ppm causes staining on fixtures and laundry, makes water smell and taste bad, and can even clog pipes leading to pressure loss. At Advanced Water Resources, we have spent a lot of time learning which treatment methods work the best for the various iron problems in our area. We are confident that we solve the most difficult iron problems. If you have iron in your water and don’t feel like being an experiment, call us today at 800-732-6202. You’ll be glad you did!

Water problem: Hard Water

Hard water is created when water passes through rock formations and picks up calcium and magnesium. Hard water is easy to spot; it leaves a bathtub ring made up of hardness minerals and soap. This scum collects on shower walls, clings to hair, clogs skin pores and makes house cleaning extremely difficult. Hard water deposits also clog pipes, cause water heaters to operate inefficiently, and increase the maintenance on water-using appliances. Hard water problems are easily resolved by using a cation exchange water softener. Advanced Water Resources is very fortunate to be the exclusive EcoWater dealer in our area. EcoWater is the world’s largest manufacturer of residential water softeners, which have a reputation of being the most salt efficient softeners in the industry. At Advanced Water Resources you can purchase, rent, rent to own, or lease purchase your water softener. Ask about our popular 12 month no interest programs. Call us today at 800-732-6202.

Water problem: Acid Water (Low pH)

Acid water cannot be detected by the water’s appearance, feel or odor. Its symptoms, however are very apparent. Acid water is corrosive and can eat away chrome fixtures, copper pipe, fittings and metal parts of water using appliances. The corroded texture of fixtures, the blue green stains on sinks and tubs are all signs of damage from acid water. Acid water causes pinhole leaks in copper pipes and when the pipe is behind a wall or ceiling, the water damage effects can be catastrophic. Another serious problem that can be caused by Acid Water is that LEAD can be leached into your water from faucets, valves, fittings, and old solder joints. To learn more and get a FREE in-home water analysis and estimate, call Advanced Water Resources today at 800-732-6202.

Water problem: Rotten Egg Smell | Hydrogen Sulfide

As water passes through aquifers that contain hydrogen sulfide gas (h2s), some of the gas mixes into the water. And unlike most other contaminants in the Mid-Atlantic region, sulfur levels can change regularly as rainfall and barometric pressure change. Stagnant water in pipes, like in bathrooms that are rarely used, can also cause the gas to concentrate the smell even stronger. In extreme cases h2s can even be corrosive and leave black stains. Until recently, treating hydrogen sulfide required at least three pieces of equipment and was very expensive. With the use of new technologies we can now treat h2s with one amazing unit. Your water will not only smell better, it will be clearer and will taste great. To learn more and get a FREE in-home water analysis and estimate, call Advanced Water Resources today at 800-732-6202.

Water problem: Bad Taste

There are a myriad of reasons why water might taste bad. If you have city water, you could be tasting chlorine or it may actually be coming from the pipes in the ground. If you have well water, it could be from hydrogen sulfide, chlorides, high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), or even bacteria. And if you have an older home, it could be coming from the pipes.
Reverse Osmosis Systems utilize a combination of filters that remove organics, chlorine, and other contaminants while also reducing your drinking water TDS and making your water taste great! Enjoy the convenience of bottled water quality right at your kitchen sink and the peace of mind knowing your water is safe to drink! To learn more and get a FREE in-home water analysis and estimate, call Advanced Water Resources today at 800-732-6202.

Water problem: Nitrates, Tannins, and Lead

Nitrates, generally a result of runoff from farming fertilizers can reduce oxygen levels in your blood and has been linked to blue-baby syndrome. Tannins, which are sometimes mistaken for iron, comes from decaying vegetation. It is not necessarily harmful but causes annoying yellow/brown stains in toilets and can ruin laundry. Lead, which has been linked to nervous disorders and brain damage does not very often occur naturally in the water in our area. However, much of the water we test contains high lead levels. This is usually a result of acid water leaching lead from brass fittings and faucets or old lead solder joints in the plumbing. These are all serious problems that can be undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. If you suspect any of these problems or would just like to be sure your water is safe, you can trust the professionals at Advanced Water Resources. Call us today at 800-732-6202.

Water problem: Arsenic

Arsenic, which is sometimes referred to as the silent killer, is an odorless, tasteless heavy metal that naturally occurs in soil and underground rock formations and can easily find its way into private wells. There is a “hot spot” of arsenic that comes from New England through North Jersey and into Pennsylvania. Lately we have seen an increase in the awareness of arsenic, which has resulted in more testing and treatment in our area. Until recently treating for arsenic was very difficult and cost prohibitive. With the recent invention of new technologies arsenic treatment is now possible. Since elevated arsenic levels have been linked to several types of cancer and since they potentially affect everyone, not just immune system compromised individuals it is a wise decision to test for arsenic, especially in areas where it is prevalent. To learn more, call Advanced Water Resources today at 800-732-6202.

Water problem: Chlorine

Chlorine can make water smell and taste bad. Chlorine is a powerful oxidant and is commonly used as a disinfectant in municipal water supplies to kill bacteria, cysts and viruses that can cause infectious diseases. Ironically, the use of chlorine to treat water to reduce the risk of serious infectious diseases produces carcinogenic by-products that are linked to cancer. Chlorine, even at acceptable levels, can contribute to dry eyes and skin irritation as well as make conditions such as eczema worse. In most cases it is desirable to do a whole house De-chlorination at the point of entry to remove chlorine from all of the water used in the home. If you are only concerned about your drinking water, a point of use reverse osmosis system is recommended. The EcoWater Systems “Water Refiner” is a patented all-in-one whole house system that softens your water as well as removes chlorine throughout the whole house. For more information on the Water Refiner call Advanced Water Resources at 800-732-6202.

Water problem: Bacteria

Bacteria in water can take many forms and the best way to know the type present is to have your water professionally test by a certified water testing laboratory. A common symptom of bacteria in water is a slime build-up in the toilet tank. Some types of bacteria like E-Coli can cause gastrointestinal problems. A lot of times people are surprised to find that their water contains bacteria since there are not always obvious symptoms. After identifying the problem through professional testing, the process of elimination of the organisms varies by considering effective process, cost effectiveness and personal choice. In most cases the choice is Ultra-violet disinfection. An ultra-violet light system kills bacteria as the water passes through the light chamber without adding any chemicals to the water.

Water problem: Toxic Chemicals

These chemicals are commonly referred to as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and Synthetic Organic Compounds (SOC’s). They are very dangerous man-made chemicals like TCE, PCB, THM, PCE, benzene, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, etc. They commonly enter the drinking water from leaking underground tanks, industrial run off, leaking landfills, toxic dumping/spills or were used in farming before they were known to be harmful. Many of these man-made toxins are odorless and tasteless and are known to cause cancer. They can be ingested from your drinking water, inhaled in the shower, or absorbed through your skin when bathing. Quality water testing laboratories can run a scan that test for the majority of toxic chemicals. As with all water treatment, removal of toxic chemicals requires training and experience to assure that proper methods and sizing calculations are being used. For more information on the Water Refiner call Advanced Water Resources at 800-732-6202.